• Fayne’s Appartment, Sharn, Breland
  • Mithrendain’s Estate, Mithrendain, Feywild
  • Argent’s Hall of Champion Rooms, Argent, North of Breland, in the Blackcaps Mountains


  • Ritual Book Planar Key
  • Blueprint : Firestorm Ammunitions
  • Old book written in giant

Art, Gems, Coins and other resources

  • 7 Alexandrites Fire Opals (valued 500gp each)
  • 3 Black Pearls (valued 500gp each)
  • 6 Moonstones (valued 100gp each)
  • 15k gp en gems (pas de description, voir email du 1er juin)
  • 1 PP
  • 12 GP
  • 600 sp
  • Residuum (9430 gp)
  • ritual components (healing): 300 gp

Wondrous items

  • Platinum Pouch (split coins or gems into platinum. Items not evenly splitted aren’t affected.
  • Handy Haversack (utilisé par Theren): Lvl 10: can hold up to 1000pounds, or 100 cubic feet Drawing an item is a minor action
  • Aldron’s Firebox (Heroic), level 2, Unfolds (as std action), reveal a magic campfire. Fire is wam, comfortable, and cannot be doused by anu action beyond refolding the box (another standard action).
  • Petite boite de métal (sending stone)


  • 4 Potion of Healing


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