Eberron's Path of Madness

Episode 5
@Pryssant's House

Some time passes with various adventure.
Rumors of jungle animal on the early winter roads. The heroes go to investigate
Making camp near a jungle, they step in and get attacked by gorillas and underground monsters.
After a long fight, they go back to camp to end night, and head into the woods.

They reach a large palissade stretching far beyond where they could see both ways.
They peacefully get inside and head for the tree of life.

Episode 4*

Gelatinous cube in room full of darkness
Room with eating mouth as floor tiles, with dolgrims warriors
Room with cults head, second room with harvesting machine

Les villageois non convertis sont placé dans des cellules de verres, une machine prend leur ames, lui fait des mutations, et la remet dans leur corps. Ceux-ci sont alors transformé en horreur du plan du Chaos, des yeux leur apparaissant a différents endroits sur le corps. Ils s’attaquent aux membre du party qui tentent de désactiver la machine. Alors que le voleur et le magicien s’attaquent au mécanisme, les guerriers détruisent les cellules de verre. Après quelques essais infructueux des guerriers, la machine surchauffe et explose, tuant les villageois dans les prisons, et le voleur. Ramenenant les artefacts corrompus trouvé sur le corps des cultistes, les héros quittent un village fantôme, chaque habitant ayant été soit tué par la machine, ou converti puis tué par les héros

Episode 3*

Travel to Blackroot
Couldn’t find Doria and got pushed away from town
Saw trail with townpeople
Ambush at cave’s entrance
Strange drawings on wall
Room with corrupted destroyed statues : Arawai, Balinor, and Olladra.
Room with cultist and big eye on wall. Upon defeat, open trap to underworld of Khyber
Fight with Dolgrim and pool of Blood of Khyber

Episode 2

Upon returning to Sharn with the loot, the heroes found some traces of brutality on the road: the traces seem to indicated a wild creature, as the corpse still had all of his belonging. When they returned to the temple of Dol Arrah, they briefly asked around for words of savage beasts, but couldn’t find any leads. Also, while Eshnu investigated for mentions of the Living Gate, a eerie voice accused those present of being assassins. Being unable to trace the source of the voice, they dropped the issue, and went back to the spot where they had buried the corpse, looking for traces of the beast. Finding a bloody trail, they headed to the forest and encountered a frenzied were boar. Disposing of the beast, the trail was once again safe.

Episode 1

Upon reaching the city of Sharn, all PCs finally join in a temple of Sharn. Upon reaching the temple, Fargrim and Eshnu deliver a crate with gold bar and some dragonshards. Just as the priest in the temple is about to validate the delivery, a zone of darkness appears, and some running is heard. The group run after the thief, eventually leaving the city, and travelling by road to reach a point where the trails of the thief leaves the road and enter the forest.

At first, the group was ambushed, and tried a frontal assault. Facing a wall of arrows, they decided to fallback and restock on resources…Seeing a group of scout coming, they laid down in ambush and took the bandits by surprise. Pushing their advantage, they pierced the door of the fort and finally killed all the bandits, retrieving the temple’s merchandise and various other items.


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