Les objets du party



Staff of ruin +2, lvl 8
Stanching armor +2, lvl 8
Steadfast amulet +2, lvl 8

circlet of second chances, lvl 3
iron armbands of power, lvl 8
belt of vim, lvl 8
boots of the fencing master, lvl 7 (remplacé par davros elden's def step)
ring of mending (objet maison, permet de passer une surge pour healer qqun d'autre)
siberys shard of the mage, lvl 3
restful bedroll, lvl 1

Davros Elden's Defensive Step, heroic (fait la même chose que mes bottes lvl 7)

1 potions de healing
elixir of fire breathing faîte par Sardis


Gadgeteer’s garb: Si moi ou un alliĆ© spend un healing surge, moi ou cette alliĆ© regagne 2hp

  • Deep Pocket Cloak + 2 (lvl 7)(+ 2 nads, works as a small bag of holding (1000lbs, 100’ cube, max 10lbs/objet)
  • Gadgeteer’s Google (heroic) (lvl 8) (+ 4 percep/thievery vs trap, minor encounter make a thiever check)

Magic Items

  • summoned drowmesh leather armor + 3 (lvl 11) (en +3, +1 reflex, can summon de-summon as minor at will)
  • Point Blank Superior Crossbow + 2 (lvl 8) (bonus to defs on OA when making ranged, as encounter make a ranged without provoking OA)
  • Hedge Wizards Gloves (heroic) (lvl 4) (gain use of prestigidation and mage hand)
  • primordial ring (paragon) (lvl 14) (gain elemental keyword, daily minor gain resist 10 until end of encounter (fire,cold,lightning,acid or thunder). If gained a milestone, can switch once during that fight with free action)

Mundane Items

  • Everburning Torch (duh)
  • restfull bedroll (lvl 1)
  • clearwater solution (heroic)
  • Crook eye, dagger boots

Les objets du party

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