Fayne's Wishlist


Consummable : Level Any (Variable)

  • Objet “consummable” (whetstone, scroll of protection) d’un type pertinent à la quest :p
  • potion of clarity (15): minor to drink, then free action on a roll, make re-roll and take 2nd result
  • elixir of clairvoyance (15): remote sight (5 sq), sustain minor
  • scroll of protection(lvl 15), specific element elemental: while not atk and until EotE, aura 2: typed creature with lvl below 15 must leave zone, an -4 on atk against targets inside zone

Magical Items

  • Belt of Dwarvenkind (belt) (rare lvl 7: 2600): +2 diplo and intimidate with dwarves, speak read and write dwarven, encounter interrupt, reduce push slide pull by 1, daily interrupt, save against ongoing poison
  • Belt of Nourishment (heroic tier) (waist) (uncommon lvl 7: 2600) : +3 item bonus to Endurance check, after 24hr, no need for food
  • Endless Quiver (wondrous) (Common lvl 9:4200): generate nonmagical arrow or bolt
  • Syberis Shard of the Mage (paragon tier) (shard) (uncommon lvl 13:17k) : add 3 to damage roll with implement attack
  • Lurtan’s Cord (waist) (lvl 10): encounter interrupt: when hit with typed, non-weapon atk, gain resist 5 to this type non-weapon damage, until EoNT
  • Demonskin Tatoo (?) : when spending action point, gain resist 10 to a chosen elemental type until end of encounter

Nouveau (2014-07-22)

Deep-Pocket Cloak (de mon actuel +2 (lvl 7) à +4 (lvl 17) : 62400 de différence)


Belt of the witch king (paragon tier) (uncommon lvl 18: 85k): +2 item bonus to fortitude. Daily FreeAction: when becoming bloodied, regain hp equal to twice the level of the highest-level arcane power you have not expended)
Belt of Vim (paragon) (common lvl 18:85k) +2 item bonus to fortitude
Dynamic Belt (paragon) (uncommon lvl19:105k): +4 item bonus to acrobatics and athletics. Daily free, reroll an acrobatic or athletics check you just rolled. Use the new result

Wondrous Items

True Portable Hole (uncommon lvl 15: 25k) : Plus fort que le bag of holding
Portable Gallery (uncommon lvl 16:45k) : La tapiserie qui crée une piece
Broom of Flying (uncommon lvl15:25k)
Skeleton Key (heroic tier) (uncommon lvl 10:5k) : daily, thievery check +20 to open lock


Fayne's Wishlist

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